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Population: 130,000
Hotel Bedrooms City-wide: 5,000
Hotel Bedrooms Downtown: 2,500
Conference Centre: Stavanger Forum

Over the past 30 years, Stavanger has acquired a strong reputation as an accomplished, host for a variety of international events. A dynamic university, a university hospital, and various international research centres make the Stavanger region a competent and interesting host for conferences and exhibitions. The Stavanger region is an up-to-date destination offering modern facilities and new infrastructure with high-quality service and value for money. 

Stavanger is located on the Southwestern coast of Norway, in the Fjord Norway region, offering some of the most majestic and spectacular scenery in the world. Surrounded by mountains, beaches and water, the city is truly a unique destination for meetings, events and conferences. Stavangers intimate and mostly pedestrian city centre, with its old town and medieval harbour makes for a charming atmosphere.

The landscape of the region is a land of contrasts. The vast North Sea and its 70 kilometres of white sandy beaches is a contrast to the breathtaking fjords with narrow passages between tall, extremely steep mountainsides. On your visit, get ready to encounter one of Norway’s most imposing landmarks: Preikestolen.

Stavanger Forum

Norways leading conference centre

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Why choose Stavanger as your next conference destination?

Why choose Stavanger?


The culinary region - two Michelin stars in Stavanger!


Restaurants and ingredients in this parts of Norway have received excellent reviews from both national food critics, as well as from the Michelin guide, where Stavanger became the first Norwegian city, except for the capital, to have this highly sought after Michelin star in 2016. It was the restaurant RE-NAA that could boast this magic star, og another star followed the next year, to the highly praised restaurant, Sabi Omakase. Do book ahead if you wish to challenge your taste buds at one of these two restaurants. 


7 restaurants from Stavanger in the White Guide Nordic 2017-18

The White Guide Nordic 2017-18 has ranked several restaurants among the best 30 restaurants in the Nordic countries, and 7 of them are in Stavanger, this truly puts the Stavanger region & Ryfylke on the culinary map. In addition to the two Michelin star rated restaurants Restaurant RE-NAA and Sabi Omakase, also the restaurants Fisketorget Stavanger, NB. Sørensen Annen Etage, Re-naa Matbaren and Tango Bar & Kjøkken are among the restaurants in the guide.


Local products and largest food festival in the Nordic countries

Seafood, lamb, vegetables and fruit from local producers can be enjoyed in world class restaurants in this part of the country. The largest food festival in the Nordic countries, Gladmat, is one of more than 30 festivals organised every year, and attracts more than 200 000 guests to the Stavanger region every year in the end of July.


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